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Piano Technician Tells All


Dr. Piano Tells All is a no holds barred website devoted to demystifying the piano buying and piano owning experience.  I am going to tell you things you may never have seen before on the web, things your piano technician would just as soon you didn’t know.  Why is that, you ask?    Because I am going to teach you how to save money on things he or she would normally charge you for.


Am I a traitor to piano technicians everywhere?  Perhaps.  Anyway, I’m a firm believer in teaching people how to do things for themselves.  I have been teaching my clients some of these techniques for years, and now I'd like to widen my circle of influence and make this information more readily available.


What are my qualifications for writing this expose?  I have over 22 years of experience as a piano technician in the field, working in people’s homes and on the concert stage, and doing refurbishing and rebuilding in my workshop.  I have a 2 year degree from the North Bennett Street School in Boston, Massachusetts, one of the U.S.’s most esteemed institutions for teaching the art and craft of the piano and its workings.  And I work closely with my husband and business partner, who has the same degree from the North Bennett Street School and almost 40 years in the business of tuning, maintenance and repair, and rebuilding of pianos.


There are some ground rules for you.  First, please be sensible and use this information wisely.   One of the reasons that this information is not more generally available is that you can do damage to your piano if you are not careful.  Sometimes you can do damage even if you are careful.  Usually the damage is not irreparable, but sometimes it is.  I know that from my experience in the field.   Therefore, please be advised that the procedures outlined here are performed at your own risk.   I will tell you what the potential hazards are in each procedure; you will have to decide if you want to undertake it.