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Music Storage

The best solutions for the question of where to put the overflowing collection of sheet music and music books are music cabinets and bookcases.  They each have pros and cons.

A music cabinet usually has shelves fairly close together, and the shelves cannot take a lot of weight.  This makes them ideal for sheet music, less so for those dense collections of Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, etc. that we all seem to collect.  ("...I was at the library booksale and I saw this whole box for $1.00 - I thought of you - it was just too good to throw away...").

I have a music cabinet, but I also have 2 stacking barristers glass front bookcases which handle my heavy collections more gracefully, and they look nice, too.  They don't work so well for the sheet music because the shelves are so far apart.  That's why I have the music cabinet!